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Epica - Omega (Full Album)

New album of Epica!
If you want to buy this album : http://nblast.de/Epica-OmegaDSP

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00:00 Alpha (Anteludium)
01:38 Abyss of Time (Countdown to singularity)
06:58 The Skeleton Key
12:04 Seal of Solomon
17:34 Gaia
22:21 Code of Life
28:20 Freedom (The wolves within)
33:56 Kingdom of Heaven Prt. 3 (The Antediluvian Universe)
47:21 Rivers
52:09 Synergize (Manic Manifest)
59:06 Twilight Reverie (The Hypnagogic State)
1:03:36 Omega (Sovereign of the Sun Spheres)

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Видео Epica - Omega (Full Album) канала Tom Holy
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