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Wine Revealed Episode 1

Episode 1
Starring: Todd White, Marco & Amy Stevanoni, and Marco Skocaj
Discover how brain fog and hangovers led Todd to discover the “natural” wine movement… find out why these wines hold the key to a healthier drinking experience.

Understand natural wines and what makes them so special… what’s in them that makes them “live”?

Learn the dirty, dark secret of the wine industry: How 70+ additives and chemicals are hidden from unsuspecting consumers like you… plus, how they get away with it.
Marco & Amy Stevononi

Learn a fascinating insight into genuine Italian life… and what you need to do at the start of each day to embrace this culture!

Marco and Amy ended up as unlikely restaurateurs. If you like to host dinner parties, then this could be you one day.

Find out why they never pre-cook any ingredients at their unique restaurant and how they create a bespoke dining experience for their patrons with the wine they serve.
Marco Skocaj

Three generations of Marco’s family have had to contend with the changing border of the Brda region... they’ve lived in three countries without moving!

Discover “Ponca” and how it represents the land and affects the taste of the wine.

Learn Marco’s simple harvest-ready test on the grapes and see Ribolla and Chardonnay grapes growing side by side… you won’t believe the difference.

Видео Wine Revealed Episode 1 канала Wine Revealed
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