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Restoration of vintage russian watch [Destroyed Watch]

This time I´am restoring a Soviet ZIM Watch.

It´s a 2602 ZIM hand-winding movement. It beats at 18000bph and the lift angle of the balance is at 52°. The inscription on the bottom of the dial says: "caenaho b cccp" (made in ussr) so it´s made somewhen in the 60´s.

The movement doesn´t work and it´s in a pretty bad condition. The crystal has many scratches, the Chrome is missing on the case. The crown is loose and the bracelet is missing. I need to disassemble the whole movement, clean all the parts and re-assemble it with some fresh oil.

I hope you liked this restoration, if so, like, comment and subscribe.

Видео Restoration of vintage russian watch [Destroyed Watch] канала El Relojero Aficionado
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