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Sexy Military Women - ZZ Top (La Grange) Live

Bulletin of December 6, 2011 (historical videos protest for future memory)

YouTube Attention please, all these women and other could march against you. ...... NO NEW LAYOUT, NO YT2 ......
All users are in strike protest against You, with politeness, but in "hard strike".

YouTube please, revisit Your business planning that humiliates users, that are considered only chickens to pluck and not human people.

♪ This is not RIGHT!! ♫ .. and thus .. ♪ STRIKE, STRIKE, STRIKE !! ♫ :P

Music: "La Grange" (1977)
from Concert Live ZZ Top in Texas - one of the best -

Video and photos: Military Women (some are sexy)

Видео Sexy Military Women - ZZ Top (La Grange) Live канала stambeccuccio
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7 декабря 2011 г. 6:40:48