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Megavalanche Challanger 2021 - Winning snow by sitting 🤷😂

Bike Commencal Meta AM 2020, stock componets https://www.fdfbikeshop.cz/
Wheels: Nextie Carbon Rims https://www.mikebike.cz/ + Panzer Inserts

Screwed qualification when I pushed too much between riders and got elbow to bars. I've got bend crank so there was not posible to pedal anymore.

Challanger was on wet destroyed snow so clean start wasn't possible for me anyway I got to the front. But after 10min I lost new crank, which I bought from Chain Reaction. Mechanic promised it will work when he putted it on my bike... anyway it didnt 🙈🤷

Видео Megavalanche Challanger 2021 - Winning snow by sitting 🤷😂 канала Martin Moško
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13 июля 2021 г. 3:27:51