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How Do You Feed A Family Of 16? | Britain's Biggest Families | Part 1 | Origin

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How much does is cost to feed a family of 16?? And what does it take to prepare that amount of food, every day? In this episode, we see what meal time is like for the UK’s supersize families; the Radfords with 16 children and the Salim’s with 11 children. We also see the other challenges these big families face every day and how they deal with them.

The Radfords have 16 kids and their eldest, who still lives with them, has a child of her own. Having 19 under the one roof can make things a bit crowded, but Sue and Noel wouldn’t have it any other way and have plans to add even more kids to the litter. Sue and Noel met when they were 8 and became sweethearts at 13, having their first child at 14.

Unlike most young couples, having a baby brought these childhood sweethearts closer together and they have mastered managing a budget, immense amounts of chores and raising 16 kids by themselves. But with a christening for 11 to organize and pay for, will their iron clad teamwork and thinning wallets stand up to the test?

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