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Diamonds...REAL vs FAKE!

Can you tell a real diamond from fake one? Watch us burn a diamond to see if it’s real or fake. That’s 1 out of the 5 tests we’ll be conducting in this video.

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Real diamonds are amazing minerals. To make them, we’ll need to travel almost 100 miles deep into the Earth and experience extreme pressures and scorching 1000-degree C temperatures...for billions of years!

That’s how special diamonds are..But in the world we live in, sometimes it’s a challenge not to get scammed with a fake diamond (aka diamond simulant). Cubic zirconias (CZs) and moissanite stones are some of the “fakes” that constantly duking it out against our natural gemstones.

We’ll show you how a 1-carat diamond fares on certain tests against CZs and moissanites, as well as some of its amazing properties. This information can be invaluable to you when buying a diamond, as it’ll help you avoid making mistakes ranging from tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars!

Here are the different tests conducted in the video:

00:24 The Water Test - Tests a diamond's relative density to other minerals.
01:20 The Scratch Test - Tests a diamond's hardness.
02:36 The Newspaper Test - Tests a diamond's ability to refract light.
03:24 The Flame Test - Tests a diamond's ability to withstand high temperatures.
05:24 Conductivity Tests - Tests a diamonds conductivity vs a moissanite.
06:25 Bonus Tests - You gotta see this one! There's no other way!

Let us know what you think of real vs fake diamond tests. Leave us a comment below!

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