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How Many Marvel Characters Do You Know? | 65 Marvel Characters | Challenge/Quiz

Today we are playing: How Many Marvel Characters Do You Know?

In this video, we are trying to help you improve your visual memory recall by seeing how quickly you can think on your feet when presented with a photo of your favorite marvel movie characters. It sounds simple enough, but you will have a timer ticking as you try to come up with the correct answer.

How to play: It's pretty easy really... We'll show you a photo of a Marvel character and before the timer runs out, you must guess the name of that character. Keep track of how many you get right and share your results with us by leaving a comment below.

Growing up, who was your favorite superhero? Share the answer with us in the comments below.

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Видео How Many Marvel Characters Do You Know? | 65 Marvel Characters | Challenge/Quiz канала Fun Quiz Questions
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