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I Got Pregnant To Escape From My Scary Family

Hello! I’m Ruby. I’ve just finished school and I’m already married. Here’s how it happened.

Everything started a few years ago just before I became a teenager. I came home from school one day and ran into some police officers who were leaving our apartment. My mom looked pale, and it was obvious that she had just stopped crying. It turned out that my dad had been hit by a bus and we had lost him.

What's there to say now? Of course, it was difficult to overcome this, for both my mom and I. We even started sleeping in the same bed after it happened, because most of the time I would have bad dreams about losing my dad over and over again. And my mom said she would never be able to sleep in their bedroom without him. Almost every night I would hear her crying in the bathroom. I wanted to help her, to cheer her up, but I didn’t know how to.

It took us about a month, or a maybe little bit more, to start to live our normal lives again, but then I began to notice that something wrong was going on with my mom. She began drinking literally every day. At first, she said that she was doing it to be able to get better sleep and I believed her, but one day I found her sleeping nicely during the middle of the day, which actually meant that she was skipping work. The exact same situation repeated itself a couple more times, to the point that she’d gotten herself fired from two different jobs over the next 5 or 6 weeks. Each time she said she was so sorry and even tried to give up alcohol, but without it she would start to act really aggressively, and, you know, unfriendly. This happened enough that at some point our neighbors began to suspect something and called social services.

I spent 111 days at the child care center waiting for my mom’s rehabilitation. When she finally came to take me back home, she looked thinner, but overall healthy. I will never forget the emotions I had when I saw her through the window. I thought that my happiness was ready to spill out and influence everybody around me. I saw that she was enormously proud of herself for having quit her bad habit, and so was I.

Together we agreed that it was going to be hard to live in that apartment and beside those same neighbors again. So we packed our stuff and moved to another city, to a totally different environment. It was a tiny town, with those streets that have small houses. I remember how I was amazed by the view, while my mom was driving us to our new home. I knew that our life there was going to be different, better, and I wasn’t wrong, by the way, at least to some extent.

Now, mom had to work hard to provide a living for us, since the house we’d settled in, even though it was a relatively small one, was still a little more expensive than our old apartment. It didn't have a fancy white fence around it, like they did on the neighboring street, and there was practically no land, so we couldn't have a garden or anything around it. But I was really fond of our home and loved it from the very first time I saw it.

We shared a fence with our nice neighbors – the Gonzalez family, and they sometimes looked after me when my mom had to stay late at work. They had 5 children, but only one of them – Enrico, was my age, and pretty soon we become friends. And Mr. Gonzalez reminded me of my dad a lot, with his mustache and bright eyes.

Then, when I turned 13, I guess, my mom said that she had fallen in love. I began staying overnight at the Gonzalez's from time to time, and Mrs. Gonzalez kept saying that my mom had a right to have her private life, so I shouldn’t be angry at her. It wasn’t ny mom who I was angry at, by the way. That boyfriend of hers - Bob was awful. He was not tall or handsome; actually, he reminded me a lot of a basset hound. I just kept wondering why my pretty mom had even given him a second thought. I begged God to somehow get them to separate, but it might have been a bad prayer since soon afterward they got married and he moved in.

While my mom seemed to be happy, my life turned into a nightmare. I’ll give you some examples and you’ll see. First of all, Bob didn’t like any noise. So anytime he was at home, I was supposed to sit silently in my room, or just leave the house. And he definitely thought that I was no longer a child and forced me to do the housework and to, sort of, serve him.

I’ll never forget the very first time he demanded a sandwich. He asked my mom to bring it, apparently not knowing that she had already left for the grocery store. And when I told him that she wasn’t there, he told me to bring him his lunch. I got lost and did it, but later I told my mom about everything.
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