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FALLEN - Nicolette Larson, 1979

FALLEN performed by Nicolette Larson in 1979.
Nicolette Larson was the first musician to record "Fallen" by Lauren Wood on her album "Nicolette" in 1979. A forgotten rarity these day, this copy of "Fallen" comes from a pristine vinyl rip.
The song "Fallen" was probably given to Nicolette Larson by her producer Ted Templeman who had also been a long time friend of Lauren Wood.
Compared to the better known later versions of the song, it is obvious that Nicolette Larson misses out on the subtleties which make up the timeless qualities of this masterful composition.
Nevertheless, Nicolette Larson gives an interesting and powerful rendition of this song, even though she does not touch the heart and soul of "Fallen".

Видео FALLEN - Nicolette Larson, 1979 канала Jordan Roark
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