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Powered toy hauler van bed

This is just the roughing in of our toy hauler van build. The frame on the right will contain the water tank, pump, and the plumbing for the rest of the build. All of it will be covered with panels with stretch carpet on them. The tie downs are still accessible front and rear, and we'll be hauling two dirt bikes and using it for astronomy camping when we're not having a riding weekend. This is the early stages, and the cabinets are just a temp cabinet I put in with a water system and sink plus storage, and the raw wood cabinet is a porta potty cabinet. That was just so we could camp while we were building. This will be a complete RV build when we're done.
The bed uses 4 linear actuators and 2 linear guide rails. With the actuators located and the rails, the bed is absolutely rigid in space. It auto stops in each direction, plus there's a momentary switch so that wherever it's stopped, you can manually bump it up or down. I did that so that it can be raised all the way to load, then lowered with the momentary switch down to just above bar height of the dirt bikes. That way the bed can still be used to sleep on if needed without being fully lowered. Since the linear actuators are gear driven screw drives internally, when they park they are rigid and won't compress. they can't run up or down unless powered.

Видео Powered toy hauler van bed канала Robert Johnsen
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