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Mock U.S. Naturalization Interview with Mr. Nahson

Hello, welcome back to our channel.

To continue the series of interviews with American citizenship test, today we invite you to join an interview with Mr. Nahson from Togo.

Mr. Nahson is a single person, have been living in the United States for 8 years, graduated from college in the United States and currently works in California. Since becoming a lawful permanent resident, he has traveled outside the U.S. 3 times and those trips have not exceeded the time prescribed by USCIS. Living in the United States, Mr. Nahson always complies with all the rules of the law here and surely after becoming a U.S. citizen he will still be a great citizen.

* For the question: "Who is one of your state’s U.S. Senators now?*", You could go to this link below to find the answer: https://www.senate.gov/

Now, Let's watch and practice with Mr. Nahson. I wish you a successful review!

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Видео Mock U.S. Naturalization Interview with Mr. Nahson канала US Citizenship Test
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