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What Next Year Would Be If Air Became Unbreathable

It has been several decades since gas masks have become a part of the face of each person on Earth. From birth to their last day, every inhabitant of our planet is forced to wear a gas mask. No one knows precisely what happened, but one day all the oxygen on the planet became toxic to the lungs. Somehow, the poisoned oxygen gets into the body through the eyes and ears, too, so you can't wear a mask covering only your nose and mouth. A gas mask with full head protection is required.

In the beginning, people couldn't get used to gas masks. Your skin is very irritated, itchy, you want to breathe deeply. And this is only after the first few hours of wearing a mask. Unfortunately, you have to wear your whole life. The worst thing is that there's no salvation anywhere. You can't take off your mask at home. In a small room. While you sleep or while you eat. The only place where you can is vacuum rooms, but inside them, without air, you won't last much longer... Okay, don't be scared. This isn't real. This is just our new what if video. So if you like unusual what if scenarios, you will probably like this one. What if you had to wear a gas mask for the rest of your life?


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