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The Mystery of the Druids: A Bizarre Adventure Game

Most people know The Mystery of the Druids from the screaming face meme cover. That's barely scratching the surface of this insane adventure game
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Additional excellent music provided by: @Ben Levin and @Justice Cow
Music visuals provided by: Felix Wenko "Xilefenko" and David Garb "Sam"
Intro animation by: @Extellus
Moral support and nightmares provided by Haruspex and Lowry fans
#MysteryoftheDruids #TheMysteryoftheDruids #Druids #Lowry

00:00 - Intro
1:22 - An Opening Cutscene
3:37 - Mystery Begins
12:20 - Halligan Tries to Make a Phone Call
18:13 - On the Path of Druids
22:33 - The Salt Arc
28:15 - The Amulet's Fallout
36:46 - The Deus Ex Neo Druids
43:00 - The Melanie Arc
47:58 - Struggle Continues
54:00 - Return to the Past Now
01:05:06 - Grand Finale
01:10:15 - The Mystery of the Droods
1:12:36 - Credits
1:14:07 - It's Not Over

Видео The Mystery of the Druids: A Bizarre Adventure Game канала MandaloreGaming
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30 октября 2020 г. 19:00:02