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No Contact And The Power Of Time

No contact is a very powerful way of retracting an ex. However it often takes time for your partner to feel it! However, if you leave them alone and stop reaching out, in time they may even feel the same powerful symptoms that you are after they broke up with you (surprise!)
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How powerful is no contact? Well it often gives you a strong chance of your ex missing you and coming back to revisit getting back with you. In this video we also touch on what your ex thinking during no contact -Coach Craig Kenneth and Margaret contemplate your exes mind during no contact.

If you are using the no contact rule and want to know what your ex is thinking while you are not reaching out, texting, or calling them, Coach Craig explain it in this video. We discuss why your ex is often acting so cold towards you.
If you are in no contact, it's natural to wonder what your ex is thinking and feeling during that time. In fact, you may find yourself obsessing over it and suffering through physical and emotional pain.

As Coach Craig and Margaret explain in this video, at first, your ex is feeling relief. After all, they finally got the breakup over with. It probably wasn't something they just woke up and decided to do, but was more something that they had been contemplating for some time. (Rarely was it just from one heated argument)

Your ex feels relief because they completed something difficult. They probably wondered if it was a mistake. But once they finally end the relationship, it's an initial relief. It doesn't mean that they aren't hurting and grieving (yet) for the relationship, but they are feeling at peace (especially if you are still showing them that they can have you by trying to convince them to stay)

It often takes months before the time away hits them. After you have disappeared and left them alone, they often turn to curiosity because you haven't been chasing or contacting them. Coach Craig Kenneth explains other thoughts and stages your ex likely goes through during no contact and the powerful effect it has.

During no contact, a lot goes through your ex's mind and heart. However, there is a good chance that they will hide it from you! When they get to the point where they actually feel like they can lose you, it can cause them massive amounts of anxiety.

If you are trying to work things out with your ex, the goal is to have your ex realize that ending the relationship was a bad idea. However, in order for your ex to experience the consequences of the breakup- and feel your absence, miss you, and get anxious that you could move on, you have to leave them alone. It does take time for no contact to make them go from feeling good about the breakup, to missing you, wondering about you, and then reaching out to you to see if you will be receptive to them.

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