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Drop Step Power Dribble | Basketball Vertical Training


This video takes viewers through the drop step power drill, an exercise that helps basketball players develop power and explosivity during the layup. Like many basketball practice drills, this move will require close attention to form and technique, but in this case, players will also need to focus on building strength by working against the resistance of the Kbands Reactive Stretch Cord.

To complete the drill, players will need to work with an anchoring partner, and each team will need a net, a ball, two speed and agility cones, and a Reactive Stretch Cord. The cord should be attached securely around the waist and the cord should be clipped to the D-ring and held tightly by the partner.

Players should approach the net for a lay up shot while partners keep an active and responsive grip on the cord, adjusting the level of resistance to match the athletes level of experience. The player should make complete as many shots as possible within a ten to fifteen second period, followed by a rest of approximately one to two minutes. The entire drill should involve four to six reps of this sequence completed at the highest possible level of intensity.

For more basketball practice drills that emphasize shooting, scoring, ball handling and passing skills, players and coaches can explore the basketball training section of KbandsTraining.com.

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