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New! Zombie, Festivalbar HQ 1995 (The Cranberries)

For the first time on YouTube, The Cranberries perform Zombie on Festivalbar in 1995 shown in Very High Quality and in its original screen format. This is Live Leading Vocals to track. Many European shows require all performers and bands to either lip-synch completely or sing "live to track". This is also referenced in the recent Queen movie, Bohemian Rhapsody, when they went to play Top Of The Pops. Sometimes this is done for time constraints for advertising purposes (making sure a 4 minute studio version doesn't turn into 4:05 and losing air or commercial time) and sometimes done because the tv show doesn't have proper sound equipment for a full band to play. Thank You to ALL Fans who took videos at concert and uploaded them to YouTube! Want more Cranberries? Visit CranberriesLibrary.com for vintage news updates, magazine scans and free live performance downloads.

New & Final Album, In The End comes out on April 26th and is available for pre-order: https://cranberries.lnk.to/AllOverNowFA

Видео New! Zombie, Festivalbar HQ 1995 (The Cranberries) канала Cranberries Music Video Transformations
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