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Among Us in the Super Mario World

Mario is Among Us! Nine players, two impostors. It's up to Mario and the crewmates to work out who the two impostors are, before they can remove the other players from the game!

This video is based on the popular game Among Us, but does not require a knowledge of that game to enjoy it!

Access my main series playlist here: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL145B0920655FE692

Twitter: https://twitter.com/GoomzillaYT
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/goomzillayt/

Subtitles are available to translate into any language: just press the button underneath the video.
Sounds can be found at sites such as http://www.mfgg.net/index.php?act=resdb¶m=01&c=5, and music through Google searches.
Characters are mostly from eBay - if you want good quality, search for Sanei ones.

This video is aimed at a general audience: the Mario / Among Us fanbases. Plot, characters & sounds are not aimed at kids; they all reference Mario games or Among Us. Plushes are my substitute for animation; there is no “playing” with them.

0:05 - Bowser's Lava Lake Keep (Super Mario 3D World)
0:18 - Spinning Door Game (Paper Mario: Color Splash)
0:31, 6:09 - Herringway and the Mayor (Paper Mario)
0:40, 3:12, 5:50, 6:35, 10:11 - Supermassive Galaxy (Super Mario Galaxy 2)
1:01 - The Tile Pool (Super Paper Mario)
1:53, 7:48 - Gaming with Bowser (Mario Party 6)
2:06, 4:16 - Detective Mario (Paper Mario)
3:24, 7:42 - Princess Peach's Castle (New Super Mario Bros Wii)
3:56, 8:04 - World 7 Map (Super Mario World)
7:01, 10:20 - Ghost House (New Super Mario Bros Wii)
7:07 - Peach's Castle is Stolen (Super Mario Galaxy)
8:12 - E.Gadd's Theme (Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time)
8:55, 11:03 - Pennington's Theme (Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door)
11:58 - Into the Galaxy (Super Mario Galaxy)
12:43 - Crystal Star Get (Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door)
12:53 - Chapter Clear (Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door)

Видео Among Us in the Super Mario World канала goomzilla
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