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Aerial Silk Belay Split routine with Sarah Jones - @sarah_polefitdubai

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If you are looking at improving your splits and active flexibility I have created the perfect ebook for you with all my favorite stretches and exercises to strengthen your muscles and to get your ‘beautiful line’ when you are off the ground.

Beautiful Lines is a Active Flexibility Ebook for your front and side splits.

Benefits of active flexibility;

- Advances flexibility progression
- Strengthens muscles to extend positions from activation and not to rely on force or gravity
- Improves balance
- Strengthen joints and ligaments
- Increases more blood flow resulting in better joint and muscle health
- Decreases the chance of injury during sports or daily activity

This ebook is great for beginners and advanced students, as there are detailed technique explanations and progressions depending on your level.

Buy your copy today from www.payhip.com/beautifullines for only $25

Видео Aerial Silk Belay Split routine with Sarah Jones - @sarah_polefitdubai канала Sarah Jones
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