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Neapolitan Curse and Swear Words and Phrases (English Version)

In every language it is important to learn how to swear and how to curse, if not to use them for yourself, then to know them for when other people use them. They convey emotion, anger, passion and sometimes can be funny or even used for emphasis. In this video we will learn some curse words in the Neapolitan Language, 'La Lingua Napoletana' that are commonly use in Campania and in the South of Italy.

We have also made this video in Italian... for a better understanding of the words and phrases, we suggest that you check that one out too!

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Thanks for watching the video, and be kind to one another! ;)

#lalinguanapoletana #napulitano #napoletano

Видео Neapolitan Curse and Swear Words and Phrases (English Version) канала Aaron e Stefano
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