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Rammstein - Live in Nimes / Völkerball (Official Short Version)

VÖLKERBALL shows Rammstein concerts in England, France, Japan and Russia. The Special Edition is extended by a second DVD, which contains the documentaries “Anaconda in the net” by Mathilde Bonnefoy and the Making of the album REISE,REISE by Rammstein guitarist Paul Landers. The limited edition of VÖLKERBALL is released as a large black/white photo-book with photos by Frédéric Batier, who had accompanied the band through their recent tours and portraits the business “LIVE” impressive through various aspects – the photo-book edition contains the 2 DVDs and on top 2 live albums.

"Rammstein - Völkerball" is available here:
► DVD - http://ramm.st/1Wu0cFH

► Website: http://www.rammstein.com
► Shop: http://shop.rammstein.de

Видео Rammstein - Live in Nimes / Völkerball (Official Short Version) канала Rammstein Official
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