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Prince Charles' Life Was Never The Same After Divorcing Diana

As the oldest child of Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles has been in the spotlight since he was born. The world watched the highs and lows of his life from childhood through his teens and into his '20s, as he transformed into perhaps the most eligible bachelor in Britain.

That's where the story of Charles' life gets a little murky, as a series of sweetheart switcheroos took him from a path of marriage with Camilla Parker Bowles to walking down the aisle with young Diana Spencer. Their ultimate divorce in 1996 had a profound impact on Prince Charles' life, and on the public perception of the royal family. Here's how Prince Charles' life changed after divorcing Diana.

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Financial separation | 0:00
Father wasn't thrilled | 1:09
Diana drew the crowds | 1:46
Public opinion | 2:44
Going public | 3:38
Mom wasn't happy | 4:38
Better days | 5:29
A damaging note | 6:23
A drastic change | 7:31
A rocky road | 8:25
An awkward introduction | 9:27
Happily ever after | 10:30

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