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⛓🔮Beautiful Side of TikTok🔮⛓(pt.3)⚠️((FLASH WARNING))⚠️

I added a flash warning in this one....I’m sorry I didn’t in the others I just didn’t think it was a big deal.
Anyway I’m sorry I haven’t uploaded in like 3 weeks, but imma put myself on a new schedule, so every Thursday and Monday I’ll upload. Maybe on Wednesday too, but idk.
The title of this video isn’t meant to bring down anyone. I’ve actually changed all the titles and took out “Alt”, so it’s just “Beautiful Side of TikTok”, and this isn’t meant to make anyone feel bad or anything if y’all any other ideas for a better title please tell me I’ll change them if it bothers y’all.

Also there are many beautiful sides of TikTok such as LGBTQ+ TikTok, Anime TikTok, Art TikTok, Sad TikTok, and etc.
Expect straight TikTok cuz from wat I’ve experienced all it is is a bunch of immature racist homophobic crybaby pedos that steal each other’s content and complain there too “pretty”


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Видео ⛓🔮Beautiful Side of TikTok🔮⛓(pt.3)⚠️((FLASH WARNING))⚠️ канала Don't Care
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1 октября 2020 г. 17:59:11