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Show «The Incredible people» Final. Bella Devyatkina. Polyglot

«Udivitelnye lyudi» will give participants the opportunity to show their own unique abilities, in which the ordinary person is hard to believe.

At the end of each release the audience by voting selects one of the eight participants, which made the greatest impression. This member gets the right to compete in the final for the grand prize of the project.

Celebrity guests, such as Eugene Papunaishvili, Natalia Rogozin and Olga Shelest, will help the audience choose the best participant. In addition, professor Vasily Klyucharev, a leading researcher at the Center for Cognitive Studies and neuroeconomics, will give professional assessment of the unique abilities of the participants.
Leading of the show - TV presenter and producer Alexander Gurevich.

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Видео Show «The Incredible people» Final. Bella Devyatkina. Polyglot канала WeiT Media
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1 февраля 2017 г. 20:00:03