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Italian Listening Practice 6 - Learn Everyday Conversational Italian

What are our characters up to this time? Anna and Michele finally meet to have an honest chat, while Marina is looking for advice to improve her French. Sandra, on the other hand, is dreaming of Russia. Listen carefully to learn many new idioms and colloquial expressions, and try to answer Anna's questions to test your comprehension! ENGLISH subtitles available.

0:00 Introduction
1:00 1. Il punto della situazione
3:11 2. Non esageriamo!
5:49 3. Una richiesta di consigli
8:08 4. Qualche dritta
10:24 5. Voglia di studiare... saltami addosso!
12:13 6. In libreria

Download the free transcript with English translation: https://bit.ly/3azqMve
Get a special PDF explaining colloquial expressions for this video, and all previous ones, by pledging just $1 on Patreon: https://patreon.com/myitaliancircle :)

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For grammar basics, vocabulary & pronunciation, check our Free Beginner Course at https://myitaliancircle.com/language/beginner.html and download our free Italian Grammar Basics PDF: https://bit.ly/2Bz1bDB

We'd love to get your feedback and suggestions! Please leave a comment below.

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We are Anna & Diana, we are Italian and we’ve been working with languages all our life. Our goal is to provide high-quality Italian lessons for beginners and beyond. No clickbait, no rambling, just useful content to support your language learning process. We also make videos about Italy and the Italian culture - check them out!

Visit our Website https://myitaliancircle.com for additional resources, a free Beginner Italian course, and our essential guides on Italian art, history, literature, music, and cinema.

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Видео Italian Listening Practice 6 - Learn Everyday Conversational Italian канала my Italian Circle
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