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The Rolling Stones - Start Me Up

Rolling Stones Live at the Max – Start me Up.
Closed Caption available.

1:10 - bang!

Mick Jagger – vocals
Keith Richards – guitar
Charlie Watts – drums
Ronnie Wood – guitar
Bill Wyman – bass

This was Bill Wyman's last tour with the band.

For those pointing out lip syncing, it is. Live at the Max is the first feature film to use IMAX in its full length—a new and complex technology at the time; that is the reason we have it in 1080p today. The band only agreed to use it unless it didn't jeopardise the live concerts. The solution they found was recording some clips in emptied stadiums as to complement jinxed tapes. They had to study the audio and video tracks of previous live performances and recreate it in studio. The result: often poor synchronisation.

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