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Minecraft Death Swap... For $100

Minecraft Death Swap for $100... My friend Tubbo and I switch locations every 3 minutes. We have to trap each other to win. Who will win? Probably me!

- my mate / opponent: @Tubbo
- who i got the idea off: @Dream
- edited by Tommy + @TalentLacking

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This video was inspired by Dream & GeorgeNotFound, thanks to them for giving me permission to make this video! (I did ask them because we are all Best Friends. This is why we are known as the Dream Team).

Me and my friend try to trick and trap each other. The first person to die loses. This competition was crazy fun and crazy challenging. Although we weren't Minecraft Speedrun / Speedrunners Speedrunning the game, it was super fun, great, awesome AND Poggers!

This was super fun and crazy and epic and Pog. Thanks for reading my words! My words are awesome!

Видео Minecraft Death Swap... For $100 канала TommyInnit
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2 июля 2020 г. 23:00:00