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Immortals Fenyx Rising: God Mode

The Hero’s Journey, an age-old rite of passage shaping legends from the beginning of time, the only problem is… it takes FOREVER! With a little help from the King of the Gods, Zeus, and bird food on legs, Prometheus, Fenyx is out to become a hero in record time.

Play now: https://www.ubisoft.com/en-gb/game/immortals-fenyx-rising #immortalsfenyxrising

Produced by Tom Jenkins & Ben Michael
Written by Florian Walraven
Pre Production by Liam McKeown
Rough Animation by Liam McKeown, @TheSmashToons, Claire MacKenzie, Jan F. Sorrentino, Jesus AcHe.
Clean-up by Billy B Crinion, Mitzuko, @TheSmashToons, Liam McKeown, Claire MacKenzie, Jesus AcHe
Additional Clean-up by Luximus & Aron Keyser
Colour by Kai Newton, Ryan Hammond, Billy B Crinion, Jesus AcHe, Liam McKeown, @TheSmashToons, Jan F. Sorrentino
Additional Colour by Luximus & Aron Keyser
Style Frames by Vincent Vyce
Backgrounds by Isa Gross
Voice of Zeus by Alex Walker Smith
Voice of Prometheus by Steven Kelly
Voice of Fenyx by Anna Chloe Moorey
Music Composed by Holley Gray
Composite, Edit, Sound Design and VFX by Jason Alan Dewey

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