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The Troubling Truth About John Lennon

John Lennon's time in this world was far from blissful. In fact, his personal life was a nearly unending stream of chaos and disastrous events, some cast upon him by cruel fates, others caused by his own behavior. So let's dig deep into the dark underbelly of John Lennon's life.

Lennon had a strained relationship with his father, Alfred, who separated from Lennon's mother Julia in 1944, four years after John was born. As a result, John has said that he never really knew his father and that he didn't see him much until he became famous, at which point Alfred mysteriously turned up again. But it doesn't sound like the reunion went particularly well. As John explained in a 1966 interview,

"I saw him and spoke to him, and decided I still didn't want to know him."

In 1965, the Beatles were on top of the world, and a talent manager named Tony Cartwright discovered Alfred working at a pub. Cartwright shaped Alfred, who was a talented singer himself, into "Fred Lennon" and attempted to turn him into a recording artist. Unfortunately, his debut album didn't sit well with his son, who reportedly asked his manager Brian Epstein to do all that he could to stop it. Whether Epstein used his industry clout to do this or not, Alfred's singing days were soon over, and his record never charted. John only ever saw his father one more time, in 1970, when he grabbed him by the collar and screamed at him. Alfred died in 1975, and John eventually expressed regret that he didn't handle their last meeting better.

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Absentee father | 0:19
Beloved uncle meets tragic fate | 1:33
Mother's tragic end | 2:41
On the outs with Julian | 3:46
Heroin addiction | 4:47
Domestic abuse | 6:04
The lost weekend | 7:16
John Lennon vs. America | 8:26
Plagiarism allegations | 9:50
Death by assassination | 11:00

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