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I waited 7 years before proposing to my girlfriend. We have been together since our senior year in high school. I thought what better way to catch her off guard then hitting her with a flashmob! I hired 6 dancers and the 2nd half of the video was her family!

Location- Little Italy (San Diego)
Videography (Instagram)- 510photo/cinema
Choreography (Instagram)- ayo_danny
Mine & Hers (Instagram) - sergies_05 & Chelsea.caroline

If any of you would like to follow our account to follow us on our wedding journey, feel free to do so. If this encourages you to do a flash mob as well and you would like to use the same choreographer & videographer you can contact them at any times.

We also plan on starting our YouTube channel here focusing on lifestyle, fitness, family & our wedding journey! So feel free to add us on Instagram or subscribe to our account !

John Legend- what Christmas is meant to be
Chris brown- forever
Bruno Mars- marry you
Justin Timberlake- not a bad thing instrumental

Видео BEST FLASHMOB PROPOSAL EVER канала Chelsea Cantwell
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