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The *NEW* Amazing Neon Dawn Tricks + New Skins FIRST LOOK! - Rainbow Six Siege

Thanks to Ubisoft for sponsoring this video!
Check out the new Shadow Legacy Battle Pass here: https://ubi.li/ek7uA

Welcome back to our Discord tricks series! You can learn everything in this video from the clever ways to play the new Skyscraper rework, new ways to throw C4s, and even new spawn peeks to make people mald.

Shoutout to the legends of the brah fam in this episode!
Nikoh, aGamingGamer, riqq, frog, HologramSam, Lone Assassin29 & DeOnlyMarcoPolo

0:00 New battle pass skins!!
1:22 The longest in door angle on the new Skyscraper
2:12 The most random pixel peek on the new Skyscraper
2:40 6900 IQ shield tricks for Kafe & Clubhouse
3:10 Random 20 second "did you know" trick
3:28 The most annoying Melusi spot in Siege
3:53 The BEST unexpected spot on Villa
4:48 The easiest crazy C4 throw for free kills
5:17 Random Hibana tips for the her new buff
5:59 The new 😈 you need to know about
6:28 Two more strong Tachanka launcher spots
7:51 Two C4 spawn kill throws on the new Skyscraper

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Видео The *NEW* Amazing Neon Dawn Tricks + New Skins FIRST LOOK! - Rainbow Six Siege канала Coconut Brah
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