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Spooky Stunts 2020 (Milwaukee Supermoto Ride)

Took a trip up to our friends in Milwaukee for their “Spooky Stunts” ride. Had a great time overall.

Went there looking for the “Milwaukee Supermoto experience” and I was not disappointed with the ride that we had.

Didn’t get to record much on that trip due to the fact that there was so much off-road, so I threw together something with the clips I was able to get.

Special thanks to
@kneeskees and @bentbarscollin. Y’all held us down in MKE.

King Flexx - Run it Up
King Flexx - Who Gon Stop Me

Видео Spooky Stunts 2020 (Milwaukee Supermoto Ride) канала Dat Ty Guy
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26 ноября 2020 г. 0:24:00