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10 Last Minute Changes That Saved Movies And 5 That Ruined Them

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For every Hollywood classic, there are 10 flops that fail to resonate with viewers. And while we love a good behind-the-scenes disaster story as much as we love an actual disaster movie, we here at ScreenRant want to focus on the positives more than the negatives. So here’s our list of 10 last minute changes that saved some of our favorite movies of all time. Plus, 5 split-decisions that ruined films we really wanted to love. We’ve balanced out these cinematic success stories with puzzling mess-terpieces that continue to surprise us with their very existence.

As for films that we love to, well, love - we’ll dive deep into the circumstances that made the following golden age films and modern-day classics into the movies we can’t stop watching over and over again. Major franchises like Star Wars, Terminator, Toy Story, X-Men, Indiana Jones, Shrek, Aliens, and Back to the Future would all be nothing, if not for last minute choices that ultimately made these films into hits. Whether it was recasting the right the actor or adjusting the story to fit with the times, filmmakers have rescued and resuscitated entire film series’, just by trusting their instincts. They’ve also sunk multi-million dollar enterprises with simple, foolish mistakes. So join us as we go through the good, the bad and the ugly movie-making decisions that Hollywood’s power-brokers have been forced to make through the years. And subscribe to ScreenRant for more videos like this one, about Hollywood and beyond.

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