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Sweet - Love Is Like Oxygen - Disco 20.03.1978 (OFFICIAL)

Sweet performing "Love Is Like Oxygen" on the German music show Disco from the 20th March, 1978.
Hosted by Ilja Richter.

This version features the original line-up.
Brian Connolly - lead vocals
Andy Scott - guitar, synthesizer, vocals
Steve Priest - bass, vocals
Mick Tucker - drums, percussion, vocals

"Love Is Like Oxygen" was originally featured on the 1978 „Level Headed" album.

The recording was produced by Sweet.

The Song was written by Andy Scott and Trevor Griffin.

Single Chart Positions:

New Zealand: 4
Switzerland: 6
Finland: 7
USA: 8
Ireland: 8
Great Britain: 9
Australia: 9
Germany: 10 #Sweet

Видео Sweet - Love Is Like Oxygen - Disco 20.03.1978 (OFFICIAL) канала Official Sweet Channel
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