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🎬[Tutorial] 10 Speed Shifting TIPS, 2018 –Truck Driver Students

Are you currently learning how to shift a 10 speed transmission? Our 10 speed shifting tips video has many valuable tips to help you become a better shifter.
This video is part of a playlist that contains other videos featuring on-the-road training.
CDL College offers professional CDL training in Commerce City, CO. Students make their own training schedules and do not have to attend school every day. Open 7 days a week for Class A and Class B training. LCV training also available.

In this 10 Speed Shifting TIPS video:
• 10-Speed OVERVIEW 0:12
• The Range Selector (Splitter) 0:25
• Double Clutching 3:03
• Clutch Pedal 4:32
• Side Grip 5:48
• Upshifting a 10-Speed 7:53
• Downshifting a 10-Speed 10:17
• Fixing Missed Gears 12:05
• High/Low RPM Shifting 13:05
• Shifting on Hills 14:34
• Speedometer Math 15:16
• Why Does The Truck Jerk After Every Shift? 16:11
• Pushing the Clutch Twice Before Moving the Shifter 17:04
• Removing Your Hand From the Shifter in Neutral 17:41
• Resting Your Hand on the Shifter 18:17
• Dancing in Neutral 18:53
• Upshifting Demonstration 4th-10th Gears 19:29
• Downshifting Demonstration 10th-6th Gears 21:19
• Upshifting Footwork 20:51
• Downshifting Footwork 21:14

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CDL College has a 10-Speed SHIFT PATTERN DIAGRAM that may help you become a better shifter. It's FREE. Tape it to the dash when you practice driving. Download it here https://cdlcollege.com/courses/CDL_Lesson_Page_Thumbnails/Shift_Pattern_graphic_cue_card.pdf

We also offer a free SHIFTING TIPS handout (pdf) that covers everything in the video. You may download it here https://cdlcollege.com/courses/CDL_Lesson_Page_Thumbnails/10-speed-shifting-tips-sheet.pdf

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Pre-Trip Inspection SELF TEST video: https://youtu.be/yWFbecFm0Sg

Thank you for watching!


Видео 🎬[Tutorial] 10 Speed Shifting TIPS, 2018 –Truck Driver Students канала CDL College, LLC
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