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Christon Gray - Hello or Goodbye

"Hello or Goodbye" - Track 6

This song the amazing Singer/Rapper/Vocalist and Member of W.L.A.K. Christon Gray - His new album - "School Of Roses" Released March 25, 2014; with a mix between R&B Feel, a Christian Hip-Hop spawning and Contemporary Gospel testimony that imbodies everything about true progression into a life with The Lord God! From Track 1 to Track 14 it tells a story vocally of how a man can be tainted through Vain Pursuits and come full circle to find a Ultimate Love and Joy for God! To purchase this album and enjoy the lyrics and understand of the Reason for the Birth of Jesus, the reason for the season, check the albums here: iTunes:https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/school-of-roses/id824495111
Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/School-Roses-Christon-Gray/dp/B00IJU8YZG
and the main Collision Records Website: http://collision-records.com/

*Praise God for Life and Joy, Easter is coming soon fam*

*This is not mine, do not own the rights to this song*
Check out part of this awesome Christian Artist's Testimony here: http://www.rapzilla.com/rz/features/interviews/7984-christon-gray-testimony-a-musicians-story-pt-2

Видео Christon Gray - Hello or Goodbye канала Earllegg423
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