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Bad Driving UK Compilation 179 Grand Finale

This compilation was all the bad driving clips I had left stored in my archives.
Was around 400 clips. There are some extra clips at the end from other countries. It is the last bad driving compilation on this channel.

I haven't downloaded any clips sent to my email address since May 2019, those clips won't be used unfortunately so please feel free to upload them elsewhere. I will be replying to every email.

Huge thanks to everyone who has sent in clips over the years even if they
didn't end up in my compilations.

I have another bonus clips compilation on the way to use
up all the remaining clips I have left in my archives.

Thanks for all the support and to my Patrons
I have a new channel now called UK Drivers (Temporary name)
The link is here:

Stay safe and thanks for watching!

Contributors: (Being added soon)

Видео Bad Driving UK Compilation 179 Grand Finale канала WelshDrive
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29 марта 2020 г. 2:48:48