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Jocko Willink Explains Respect, Influence and Leadership | Impact Theory

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Retired Navy Seal, globally recognized leadership expert and author of one of the most empowering books ever, “Extreme Ownership”, Jocko Willink knows all about making an impact. And now he is finally on Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu! In this episode, Jocko Willink details his leadership principles and explains how to apply them. He also talks about building relationships and trust, understanding human nature, and learning to control your ego and emotions. And he even takes some time to share his newest undertaking, writing children’s books.


People asked how to apply leadership principles, so Jocko wrote his new book on tactics [2:07]
Jocko tells the war story of how he learned to take a step back and detach [4:38]
Jocko explains how he learned to avoid arrogance and to listen to people [8:48]
Jocko then explains how he learned that he doesn’t always need to be the leader [11:33]
Jocko advocates the importance of relationships and building trust [14:25]
Jocko asks questions instead of making statements when disagreements arise [19:43]
Jocko compares manipulation and leadership [23:14]
If you want to be a good leader, you need to understand human nature [29:01]
Jocko talks about why it’s so important to control your emotions [30:45]
Jocko advocates learning jiu jitsu to help you control your ego and emotions [32:29]
Jocko explains how to gain influence and respect [35:07]
Jocko and Tom talk about Jocko’s children’s books [36:21]
But seriously, if you’ve never checked out Jocko’s children’s books you really should [40:00]
Jocko and Tom discuss how to focus on improvement instead of talent [43:44]
Jocko talks about standing up to bullies [45:32]
Jocko shares the impact he wants to have on the world [49:01]


“If I’m manipulating you, I’m trying to get you to do something that’s gonna benefit me. If I’m leading, I’m trying to get you to do something that’s gonna benefit you, that’s gonna benefit the team, and it’s gonna benefit the mission.” [24:47]

“It’s OK to be inexperienced as a leader. You can get through that as long as you’re humble, and you listen, and you take advice from other people. You should be able to do fine. No one expects you to know everything as a leader.” [9:07]

“When I look back at my career in the navy, in the seal team, just about every single thing that I ever did was through relationships.” [15:58]


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“Extreme Ownership”, “The Dichotomy of Leadership”, “Leadership Strategy and Tactics” https://amzn.to/2ExQQpj [1:58]

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Видео Jocko Willink Explains Respect, Influence and Leadership | Impact Theory канала Tom Bilyeu
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