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Absolutely Vital Steps for Purchasing Your Property in Italy

My new online course is here! It gives you EVERYTHING you need to know to purchase your home and move to Italy.
You can access it here:

Interested in buying a property in Italy? Chris takes you through the absolutely vital steps to take in selecting your property, finding the right property agent to take you through the process, along with a detailed description of property buying process itself.

For property purchases, we highly recommend Dr. Ivan De Luca at Agenzia Casabella in Scalea, Calabria. His contact information is listed on his website at www.casabellascalea.it.

Please see Chris's blog on this subject at https://www.supersavvytravelers.com/absolutely-vital-steps-to-purchasing-your-home-in-italy

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Any of the above represent our personal opinions experiences and and every situation is unique therefore we recommend that due diligence be exercised by the viewer and that professionals be consulted for advice when appropriate.

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