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$3 Mouse Vs $300 Mouse in Siege

$3 Mouse VS $300 Mouse in Siege. The one that gets the least amount of kills, i will smash with a hammer. This video was insane.

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I bought a $3 Mouse and a $300 Mouse and played Ranked Siege. Whichever Mouse got the LEAST amount of kills, i would smash with a hammer. I started in Silver from the last video where My friend changed all my Siege controls however speedrunning was not an option. Would the $3 mouse out perform the $300 mouse? Or would the $300 Mouse show it's price difference over the $3 Mouse? This is expensive vs cheap.

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Also this video is 100% just for entertainment. This is not buying advice.

Видео $3 Mouse Vs $300 Mouse in Siege канала Dom
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15 января 2021 г. 1:27:17