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Transformers: The Hunted, Episode 8 (Stop Motion)- Elimination

The Autobot and Decepticons clash in the city of Lisburn, Ireland, as Megatron goes on a vengeful rampage looking for Lockdown. Rivals go at it in an epic battle of good vs evil vs lesser evil. Special thanks to UnhipSleet Productions and Stealthabotte. I wouldn't have been able to do this without their voice talent.

Link to Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/HLHStudios

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Transformers or any related material. I am just a fan making my own content.

MUSIC: "One Shall Rise"- Steve Jablonsky
"Arrival to Earth"- Steve Jablonsky
"Today We Hunt"- Steve Jablonsky
"Downtown Battle"- Steve Jablonsky
"Bumblebee"- Steve Jablonsky
"Prelude and Action"- Kevin Macleod
"Did You Forget Who I Am"- Steve Jablonsky
"I'm an Autobot"- Steve Jablonsky
"In Defense of Humanity"- Brian Tyler
"Prime Versus Bee"- Steve Jablonsky
"Abduction"- Steve Jablonsky
"Megatron Negotiation"- Steve Jablonsky
"Drive Backwards"- Steve Jablonsky
"Code Red"- Steve Jablonsky
"Dark Side of the Moon"- Steve Jablonsky
"You Have Been Chosen"- Steve Jablonsky
"Your Creators Want You Back"- Steve Jablonsky
"No-Go Zone"- Steve Jablonsky
"Black Vortex"- Kevin Macleod

Видео Transformers: The Hunted, Episode 8 (Stop Motion)- Elimination канала HLH Studios
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