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Only here you can see clips with high quality editing with lots of sound effects and lots of creative effects.

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ep.34 http://bit.ly/2MyVG9U
ep.35 http://bit.ly/39iQqRF
ep.46 http://bit.ly/37iPifd
ep.47 http://bit.ly/353C7gC
Lucky vs Unlucky http://bit.ly/39gCyHD
1% LUCK or Unlucky http://bit.ly/2tbgCxe
TROLLS vs Friendly players http://bit.ly/39kuHZK
0 IQ or UNLUCKY http://bit.ly/2Qu8aRo
Lucky or Unlucky http://bit.ly/37fX75k
10 iq Noob or 300 iq Pro http://bit.ly/2EXh6JN
10 min of LUCKY or UNLUCKY http://bit.ly/2ZzYE3p
300 IQ or 0 IQ http://bit.ly/39kJmDZ
LUCKY OR UNLUCKY http://bit.ly/39gjTM4
Hit or Miss... 100% Calculated http://bit.ly/2stIXyu
Lucky vs Unlucky http://bit.ly/2Q1zmIb
10 min of BROKEN DEFAULTS http://bit.ly/2FaGagJ
0 IQ vs 300 IQ http://bit.ly/364w3pd
ep.36 http://bit.ly/2t98Bsi
ep.37 http://bit.ly/39eSCtn
ep.45 http://bit.ly/2rxGT8h
LUCKY VS UNLUCKY http://bit.ly/2SyCFbA
10 minutes of 100% Calculated (200 IQ Kill) http://bit.ly/34Voz6M
300 IQ VS 0 IQ http://bit.ly/34Y0TyJ
10 min of LUCKY vs UNLUCKY... http://bit.ly/2t6RuHJ
10 min When you’re 100% Calculated... http://bit.ly/350ANuV
0.001% Chance of Hit... FORTNITE FAILS & Epic Wins! http://bit.ly/37iPifd
I Deceived a Little Kid...! http://bit.ly/2rC7otm
ep.38 http://bit.ly/2MySBqy
ep.39 http://bit.ly/2MxkEGI
ep.43 http://bit.ly/2rC7otm
ep.44 http://bit.ly/37ecdrR
NEVER GIVE UP...! http://bit.ly/2tZx2Jv
300 IQ Legendary Hiding... http://bit.ly/39gjZ6o
Victory Was So Close... http://bit.ly/2t7Lb6K
0.0001% This Could Happen... http://bit.ly/2MxkEGI
ep.40 http://bit.ly/2t7Lb6K
ep.41 http://bit.ly/39gjZ6o
ep.42 http://bit.ly/2tZx2Jv
I Didn't Wait For You, Mello! http://bit.ly/2MySBqy
He's Against Fair Play...! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SllK31BwL4Q
I’m coming Ninja & Dr.Lupo..! http://bit.ly/2t98Bsi
it's Your Only Way To win...! http://bit.ly/39iQqRF

Видео TOP 300 FUNNIEST FAILS IN FORTNITE канала Rango Games
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