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Sufjan Stevens - Fourth Of July

DISCLAIMER: I dont monetize my videos with someone else's content. This is a fan art channel & I own nothing but the editing. If you are the owner and would like your music or movie removed, please contact me via email channelcyborgyt@gmail.com and I will remove your content.

What could I have said to raise you from the dead?

instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cyborgboo/
sufjan stevens: https://goo.gl/pu5YAQ
contact: channelcyborgyt@gmail.com
facebook: https://goo.gl/kP1a9L
my other channel: https://goo.gl/z5Wi5Z
movie: Grave of the Fireflies - 1988
spotify: https://goo.gl/qtEtPq

Видео Sufjan Stevens - Fourth Of July канала i'm cyborg but that's ok
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18 мая 2018 г. 19:50:30