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Every day millions of people try their hand at lottery tickets and slot machines, just hoping for a lucky break, but meanwhile, a select few find themselves face to face with unparalleled strokes of luck that are worth far more than a few million dollars. In today’s video, we will be meeting 20 of the luckiest people ever caught on film. These 20 people were going about their lives just like you and me, when the unthinkable happens but as we will see sometimes fate has other plans. All 20 videos we will see today are shocking but you won’t want to miss the number 1 entry on today’s list because it is truly beyond belief. Let’s get started...

20. Motorbike Mishap
Motocross can be a dangerous sport but most often for the people racing in it, in this video we see a motocross racer who over shoots a jump and sends his bike flying into a large group of people, the man in the red hoodie narrowly avoids serious injury as he casually moves out of the way, this man is incredibly lucky but he may also be the most oblivious of all the entries on our list.

19. Jet sitting
Motorcycle and car racing can be thrilling sports to watch, but believe it or not plane racing is also a thing, as you can imagine it comes with its fair share of risks, most of which you would expect to take place in the air, but in this video we see a racer who is experiencing engine problems, early on we can see the pilot struggling to signal officials, unfortunately, he is unable to attract their attention, and a few moments later it leads to a situation you have to see to believe. Moments after the pilot began signaling for help, another plane takes off, nearly decapitating the motionless driver. As we watch the footage it is clear that this pilot was extremely lucky to make it out alive.

18. Car surfing
Dashcams have allowed people to capture all kinds of footage that would have ordinarily been reserved to anecdotes and retold stories. One such, unbelievable moment was captured by a motorist on a busy highway, in this video we see a motorcyclist speeding through traffic when a car switches lanes, unfortunately, the speedy biker doesn’t see this coming and collides with the back of the vehicle. Ordinarily, this would be a catastrophic accident that may have resulted in serious injury for the motorcyclist but through a sheer stroke of luck the biker does a full flip and lands atop the vehicle. Shortly thereafter the vehicle stops, allowing the biker to jump off.

17. Hats off
In this video from a Russian military exercise we see numerous soldiers lined up in preparation to fire their weapons into the air, the practice seems to be similar to the American tradition of a 21 gun salute. In a 21 gun salute all the soldiers stand single file and this video makes it very clear why. As the 2 rows of soldiers fire their weapons keep your eye on the 3rd man in the front row, as they discharge their weapons his hat is blown off by a bullet fired by the soldier behind him. It is easy to see how another inch of miscalculation may have cost this man his life.

16. Bucket list
Working around heavy equipment always carries an inherent risk of injury because afterall, anything can happen when you’re tangoing with several tons of steel. In this video, we see a worker-run out to grab something near a large excavator, unbeknownst to him the bucket attachment is clearly not attached properly and it plummets toward his head, luckily the unsuspecting worker gets out of the way in time, but this situation nearly had a far worse outcome.

15. Shark cage
Most people go out of their way to avoid any encounters with sharks, but some thrill-seeking folks want to get as close as they safely can, in order to accomplish this, there is such a thing as a shark cage, these cages allow people to dive with sharks while minimizing their risks. Unfortunately in this video, we see an adrenalin junkie in a cage but unfortunately one of the sharks he is trying to observe, manages to breach the cage and before long the diver is trapped in the small space with a ferocious and panicked carnivore.
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