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Purchasing Property in Italy at Auction

Italian Real Estate Podcast EP 8:
Purchasing Property in Italy at Auction

In this episode of the Italian Real Estate Podcast, hosts Marco Permunian, an Italian attorney, along with content creator and expat living in Italy, Rafael Di Furia welcome a special guest. This week fellow member of the ItalianRealEstateLawyers.com family, Italian attorney, Andrea Permunian joins our hosts to discuss buying a property in Italy at an auction and how it differs from just simply purchasing an average piece of real estate in Italy. This podcast will give an overview of buying a home at auction in Italy and talk about the process that a person can expect.

For help with buying a home in Italy and more information about Italian Real Estate Lawyers visit IREL's website

To contact Italian Attorney Marco Permunian and his team you can use the contact form on the Italian Real Estate Lawyers website https://italianrealestatelawyers.com/contact-us/

Also to see more from Rafael Di Furia ( @Rafael Di Furia ) about life in Italy and life as a dual citizen check out his YouTube channel:

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