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TOTO • 40 Tours Around the Sun • Monitoring, FOH Sound & Lighting

The band TOTO is already celebrating its 40th band anniversary. Her massive 80s hit "Africa" warmed hearts all over the world. Monitoring Engineer Paddi Krause and FOH Engineer Ken Freeman give EventElevator a brief insight into the current live technology and touring life with the music legends. Lighting Director Daniel O'Brian shows how he gives the band a consistent and Rock'n'Roll oriented lighting style in a festival situation.

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► TOTO: http://totoofficial.com/
► Paddi Krause: https://www.instagram.com/poticruise/
► Ken Freeman: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kenfreemanproductions
► Avalon Design: http://www.avalondesign.com/
► AVID: https://www.avid.com/solutions/live-sound
► beyerdynamic: https://www.beyerdynamic.de/
► Bogner: http://www.bogneramplification.com
► d&b audiotechnik: https://www.dbaudio.com/global/de/
► Earthworks Audio: https://earthworksaudio.com/
► Empirical Labs: http://www.empiricallabs.com/
► JH Audio: https://jhaudio.com/
► Lightpower: https://www.lightpower.de/
► MA Lighting: https://www.malighting.com/
► Manley Laboratories: https://www.manley.com/
► Martin by HARMAN: https://www.martin.com/en
► PRG: https://www.prg.com/de/de
► S.E.A. Vertrieb & Consulting: https://www.sea-vertrieb.de/tendero/shop/
► Shure: https://www.shure.com/de-DE
► Sonic Farm: https://sonicfarm.com/
► Sound Service: https://www.sound-service.eu
► Universal Audio: https://www.uaudio.de/
► Waves: https://www.waves.com/

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Filmed at the Tollwood Sommerfestival Munich 2019.

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Видео TOTO • 40 Tours Around the Sun • Monitoring, FOH Sound & Lighting канала EventElevator
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