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The Evolution of Metallica if Mustaine was never fired (OLD VIDEOS #17)

I do NOT claim any of the music featured as my own.

Not a serious video, DO NOT comment stuff like

"Lars wouldn't never let this happen..."

"Mustaine would never do this..."

"Metallica would never have this sound..." (the band changes a lot, you'd never know anyway)

A few notes (best not to look at this before the video):
-Jason Newsted is invited instead of Trujillo because he never went through the hazing so he was invited.
-Newsted left because 1) no pictures after 2018 and 2) He would probably get bored of Metallica like he did when he left in 2001. He joined in 1986 and left in 2001, in this alternate timeline, he joined in 2002 and left in 2018, so Newsted still remained in metallica for about the same amount of time which would make sense.
-I didn't do any fanmade Metallica/Megadeth hybrid songs because I'm not that good at that sort of stuff which is why there are just pure Metallica songs and pure Megadeth songs (wish I could but I have to work with this).

Видео The Evolution of Metallica if Mustaine was never fired (OLD VIDEOS #17) канала Ale Yanok
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