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Upbeat R&B Vol. 1

Upbeat R&B Music Vol. 1.

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Music: License to use this music on youtube channel Transcending Moods, via Epidemic Sound. Proof on file.
Image: Free commercial use via Pixabay.com (TheDigitalArtist). Proof on file.

1. Cleo Kelley - Wrong Girl
2. Tyra Chantey - Sweet Talk
3. Tilden Parc - Say More
4. SOOP Feat. Vaain - Midnight Lover
5. Katnip Feat. King Sis - Love on Me
6. Ed Mills - I Got Love
7. Deanz - Hold You
8. Deanz Feat. Revel Day - Dive Too deep
9. Sionya Feat. Cleo Kelley - Between Good and Bye
10. Spring Gang Feat. Penny Lane - We Got Chemistry
11. House of Say - Cool Down Now

Видео Upbeat R&B Vol. 1 канала Transcending Moods
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