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Dabaw Medley by: WADAB

"Dabaw Medley". Written by: Rey Magtoto, Nonoy Tan, Mon Torralba. Band: WADAB. Sung by: Rey Magtoto & Nonoy Tan. ©1979 WEA Records. Rare & Out-Of-Print Vinyl Record. Mashed track excerpts: "Tsismis Ka, Parang Ulap, Aking Tagumpay, Pag Tumatagal Lalong Tumitibay, Iniibig Kita". Musicians: Rey Magtoto: Bass & Falsetto Vocals, Nonoy Tan: Tenor Vocals, Mon Torralba: Guitar, Tato Malay: Keyboards, Benjie Cauilan: Drums & Percussions, Nonoy Uy: Keyboards. WADAB originated from Davao, Mindanao, Philippines and often hailed as the Stylistics of Asia. *Pro Hardware: Atelier Braun P4 Direct Drive Turntable, Denon Moving Coil Cartridge through Alesis Phonolink, M Audio Revolution 5.1 DTS Soundcard, Apple Mac Pro G5 Tower. Software: Bias Peak Pro & GarageBand used for DSP Processing. Noise Reduction: Bias Sound Soap. Speakers: Roland DS-50A Studio Monitor. Audio Slate are added protection for the artist and myself for the work rendered to deter public exploitation. All rights are owned by the artist and record company exclusively. *Sampled, Mashed, Remixed, Edited & Designed by Migs Emano for Jazmix Arts & Entertainment, 2012 OPM.

Видео Dabaw Medley by: WADAB канала Jazmix Arts & Entertainment
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14 сентября 2012 г. 19:44:27