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The Office Cast: Life After The Show | ⭐OSSA

The Office premiered 15 years ago, and has since become sitcom classics. But Netflix brought it a new wave of popularity and enormous fanbase.
So where is The Office cast now and how did the show influence their lives and careers?

Rainn Wilson who played Dwight Schrute confessed that he's tired of all the Office jokes related to his character. In addition to his next diverse TV and film roles, Wilson is a voice of Lex Luthor in Superman movies and a founder of popular Youtube channel SoulPancake.

Angela Kinsey auditioned for the role of Pam Beesley, but she became a perfect accountant in Dunder Mifflin. For Angela, the greatest gift from The Office is her friendship with Jenna Fischer. The actresses are really close, and they launched a podcast Office Ladies to share memories from the set.

Ed Helms has a lot of similarities with his character Andy Bernard. Helms is a skilled musician who has his own band The Lonesome Trio and a music blog The Bluegrass Situation.

Mindy Kaling was not only Kelly Kapoor, but also a writer, executive producer, and director on The Office. She is close friends with BJ Novak, and their strange relationship mirrors the on-screen connection between their characters, Kelly and Ryan. Kaling and Novak signed a mutual book deal to tell the world about their strange bond.

Ellie Kemper is known not only as Erin Hannon from The Office, but also as the lead in Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. The hilarious actress is a mother of two boys.
Craig Robinson was a music teacher before he turned to acting. But both talents are perfectly combined in his various roles like Darryl Philbin in The Office and Doug Judy in Brooklyn 9-9.

Apart from acting and co-hosting a podcast, Jenna Fischer is a mother of two and a crazy cat lady. And John Krasinski was not the only close Jim in her life.
Krasinski doesn't mind being known as Jim Halpert at the end of his career. The Office was his directorial debut, and now John is a successful filmmaker. Krasinski is a creator and host of Some Good News, online web series that started during COVID-19 pandemic.

Steve Carell become world's most favorite boss Michael Scott, though this role was not written for him. But Carell's film success contributed to show's ratings. Steves multiple roles include voice actiong as Gru - a villain from Despicable Me franchise. Carell often works with his wife, actress Nancy Carell.

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